Measurements services

EMC services

  • EMC pre-qualification tests and measurements
  • System optimization for EMC qualification
  • In-situ electromagnetic environment measurement and characterization

RF services

  • Antenna Adaptation
  • Antenna Design and Simulation
  • RF chamber measurement

Energy consumption services

  • Power consumption Measurements
  • Energy harvesting technologies
  • System consumption optimization


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«Measurements » package


This package includes 4 days of services.

Services included in this package:

  • EMC or RF expertise or investigation (performing normative tests or on request).
  • Product improvement on EMC or radio aspects.
  • Antennas tuning.
  • Antennas simulation.
  • Selection or design of antennas.
  • Antenna measurements and characterization.
  • Energy consumption measurement.
  • Climate chamber tests.
  • Training in the use of EMC or RF measuring equipment.
  • Supervision when using equipment on site.
  • Targeted technological or normative watch (EMC, RF, instrumentation, sensors).

«Measurements » package prices, exclusively to CRESITT members :

SME <250 people and laboratories price

3 100€

i.e 775€ excluding VAT / day

Groups Price

3 800€

i.e. 950€ excluding VAT / day

* This package runs from January to December. Tests must be carried out before the end of 2022.

Electromagnetism Compatibility

Emissivity tests

  • Conducted Emissivity: 55011/55022/55032 Standards
  • Radiated Emissivity: 55001/55022 Standards
  • Harmonic Current Emission Limits (16A per Phase Device Called Current): 61000-3-2 Standard
  • Limitation of Voltage Variations, Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker in Public LV. Power Systems: 61000-3-3 Standard.

Other tests are possible on request and depending on our equipments limits. Please contact us.

Electromagnetism Compatibility

Immunity tests

  • Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test: 61000-4-2 Standard
  • RF Radiated Electromagnetic Field Immunity Test: 61000-4-3 Standard
  • Rapid Burst Transient Immunity Testing: 61000-4-4 Standard
  • Shock Wave Immunity Test: 61000-4-5 Standard
  • Immunity to conducted interference induced by radio fields: 61000-4-6 Standard
  • Stress Dips, Short Cuts and Voltage Variations Immunity Testing: 61000-4-11 Standard
  • DC Power Access Voltage Dips, Short Cuts and Voltage Variations Immunity Tests: 61000-4-29 standard

Other tests are possible on request and depending on our equipments limits. Please contact us.

RF services

  • Support for antenna selection according to products requirements and constraints
  • Antenna Adaptation (2 Vector Network Analyzers are available up to 8.5 GHz)
  • Antenna Design and Simulation using our electromagnetism simulation software FEKO, from ALTAIR
  • RF chamber measurement with 3D visualization of the radiation of your product. This chamber is equipped with positioners and measuring equipments to qualify directivity and radiated power up to 25 GHz.
  • Tests of the influence of the product environment: casing, connectors, performance with integrated or remote antenna, etc.
  • Design optimization to achieve desired performance

Energy consumption

  • Power consumption measurements of sensors and stand-alone systems with our Keysight Power/Consumption Analyzer
  • Assistance in selecting energy harvesting technologies
  • Testing in our Binder Climate chamber (from -40°C to +250°C)
  • System consumption optimization
  • Autonomous demonstrators (see an example in the SAPAC project)

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