Measurements services

CRESITT INDUSTRIE is located in France at Orléans (100km south of Paris).

We offer expertises and tests facilities for EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) et Radiofrequency devices (RF) qualification used for CE marking regarding EMC and RED Directives.

Our mission is not only to offer you the possibility to test your products complaince to various standards but also and especially to verify their reliability under various operating conditions to be sure that they will function properly in disturbed environments.

To guarantee our quality and our technical skills, our laboratory is now accredited according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

EMC services

  • EMC pre-qualification tests and measurements
  • System optimization for EMC qualification
  • In-situ electromagnetic environment measurement and characterization

RF services

  • Antenna Adaptation
  • Antenna Design and Simulation
  • RF chamber measurement

Energy consumption services

  • Power consumption Measurements
  • Energy harvesting technologies
  • System consumption optimization


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«Measurements » package


This package includes 4 days of services.

Services included in this package:

  • EMC or RF expertise or investigation (performing normative tests or on request).
  • Product improvement on EMC or radio aspects.
  • Antennas tuning.
  • Antennas simulation.
  • Selection or design of antennas.
  • Antenna measurements and characterization.
  • Energy consumption measurement.
  • Climate chamber tests.
  • Training in the use of EMC or RF measuring equipment.
  • Supervision when using equipment on site.
  • Targeted technological or normative watch (EMC, RF, instrumentation, sensors).

«Measurements » package prices, exclusively to CRESITT members :

SME <250 people and laboratories price

3 500€

i.e 875€ excluding VAT / day

Groups Price

4 150€

i.e. 1037.50€ excluding VAT / day

* This package runs from January to December. Tests must be carried out before the end of 2024.

Electromagnetism Compatibility

Emissivity tests

  • Conducted Emissivity: 55011/55022/55032 Standards
  • Radiated Emissivity: 55001/55022 Standards
  • Harmonic Current Emission Limits (16A per Phase Device Called Current): 61000-3-2 Standard
  • Limitation of Voltage Variations, Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker in Public LV. Power Systems: 61000-3-3 Standard.

Other tests are possible on request and depending on our equipments limits. Please contact us.

Electromagnetism Compatibility

Immunity tests

  • Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test: 61000-4-2 Standard
  • RF Radiated Electromagnetic Field Immunity Test: 61000-4-3 Standard
  • Rapid Burst Transient Immunity Testing: 61000-4-4 Standard
  • Shock Wave Immunity Test: 61000-4-5 Standard
  • Immunity to conducted interference induced by radio fields: 61000-4-6 Standard
  • Stress Dips, Short Cuts and Voltage Variations Immunity Testing: 61000-4-11 Standard
  • DC Power Access Voltage Dips, Short Cuts and Voltage Variations Immunity Tests: 61000-4-29 standard

Other tests are possible on request and depending on our equipments limits. Please contact us.

RF services

  • Support for antenna selection according to products requirements and constraints
  • Antenna Adaptation (2 Vector Network Analyzers are available up to 8.5 GHz)
  • Antenna Design and Simulation using our electromagnetism simulation software FEKO, from ALTAIR
  • RF chamber measurement with 3D visualization of the radiation of your product. This chamber is equipped with positioners and measuring equipments to qualify directivity and radiated power up to 25 GHz.
  • Tests of the influence of the product environment: casing, connectors, performance with integrated or remote antenna, etc.
  • Design optimization to achieve desired performance

Energy consumption

  • Power consumption measurements of sensors and stand-alone systems with our Keysight Power/Consumption Analyzer
  • Assistance in selecting energy harvesting technologies
  • Testing in our Binder Climate chamber (from -40°C to +250°C)
  • System consumption optimization
  • Autonomous demonstrators (see an example in the SAPAC project)

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