CE Marking

CE Marking


A self-declaration can be performed but is not sufficient for export or if the clients demand test results. Everyone should be able to bring proofs / evidence of his self declaration. Moreover, self declaration commits the responsibility of the self-declaring.



Standards to respect depend on the nature of the product and usually require a study ,. For example CRESITT engineers can do this for you..

To summarize, there are 3 types of standards :

> Product standards : They define the tests to berun and the limits and/or the levels to respect epending on the type of product (ex. : EN 55024 immunity of information treatment device Information technology equipment – Immunity characteristics)

> Generic standards : They define the tests to perform and the limits and levels to respect for all the products in a defined environment when there is no product or product family standard (ex. : EN 61000-6-1 emission of heavy industrial devices).

>Fundamental standards (or test methods) : They explain how to perform each test (ex. :EN 61000-4-2 Tests for electrostatic discharge).

EMC rules can be complex but a few principles of « good practice» can be applied.

The not exhaustive list of precaution to talk is the following :

  • Pay attention to the presence of ground plans, of equi-potentiality and to their connections
  • Pay attention to the routing (on the level of card) and to the relative position of tracks
  • Pay attention to the wiring (on the system level) : avoid loops and useless cable length
  • Watch out the relative position of power and data cables
  • Evaluate the necessity or not to filtrate the inputs, to uncouple the tracks, etc…
  • Consider the possibility of shielding the systems

The use of systems like ferrites should not be considered in the conception phase and only be a palliative in order to “fix the issues” at the end of the cycle.

The pre-qualification measurements can be performed in every laboratory with the necessary equipment and competences, especially on our Cresitt lab